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Vicky Coffee. The Queen Of Beans.

Our cosy coffee house is home to our very own coffee roastery Vicky Coffee. We consider ourselves local purveyors of Specialty coffee to celebrate provenance. Importing green coffee beans from renown regions of the coffee belt, our expert roasters design custom roasting profiles to achieve the most flavourful cup of coffee.
our Ethos

Coffee is personal Ritual. A social Ceremony.

At Vicky coffee, we source our coffee beans to celebrate select single origins and estates around the world.

“Sourcing and roasting exceptional coffee beans responsibly, while bringing people and businesses together over a great cup of coffee.”

Our coffee roaster is located as centre piece in our cafe so our guests can appreciate the scents and craftsmanship of our freshly roasted coffee specialties.

our story

We are Gozolicious

We are an independent coffee roaster proudly based in Gozo, Malta. Sourcing our coffee beans from knowledgeable and well-respected farmers in well selected coffee cultivating regions, is close to our heart. At Vicky Coffee, we collaborate with certified partners to assure quality throughout growing, harvesting and processing our coffee beans. Coffee Roasting is an artisanal craft. We take pride in creating new exciting selections for a great coffee experience, cup and cup again.

Vicky Coffee Roastery Gozo Malta

If you love coffee as much as we do, you can explore our selection of coffee specialties available for purchase and subscription on our website. We deliver coffee and coffee tools right to your door step. Browse through our coffee blog sharing interesting articles about coffee regions, our specialty range, brewing methods and much more.